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A New Community


The Master Plan
This landmark project is a source of great pride for The LandWell Company, which along with many other businesses, contractors and governmental agencies will have a significant role in the restoration.  A property once destined to remain blighted and unproductive will be cleaned up to the highest standards to allow for families and businesses to grow their future here.  As one of the nation's largest urban infil projects, this community will not contribute to urban sprawl.  In fact, this land's history will forever be remembered, having played a critical role in World War II protecting freedom in many areas around the world.  There is a sense of pride for those who are working on this project and reclaiming this land.

The new community is being created as a whole community within the City of Henderson. It will contain all elements of community life set in distinctive neighborhoods grouped around village centers. All of these centers will be anchored by an Urban Core containing a vibrant mix of business and housing.

This will be one of the largest master-planned communities in Southern Nevada. At 2,200 acres, its size will compare with MacDonald Highlands (3,210 acres), Mountains Edge (3,000 acres) and Sun City Anthem (2,525 acres).

Master Plan Map Master Plan Map
See the Overall Master Plan
Residential Development Residential Development
When and what types of housing will be built?
Parks and Open Spaces Parks and Open Spaces
So much to do!
Commercial Development

Commercial Development

What will the community offer?

thumb_school_photo.jpg Education
Where will your kids attend school?
contractor_looking_at_blue_prints_uid.jpg Redevelopment
Property that was once unproductive will be rejuvinated and recharged.
Location and Access Location and Access
Close to so much!
Economic Impact

Economic Impact

How does this effect you?

interactive__6.jpg Interactive Master Plan Map
See the locations and types of land uses.
Design Team Design Team
Companies involved with the design of the new community!

Did you know…

The majority of the restoration work is removal of soil. After the soil is removed, more tests will be performed to ensure it meets the most stringent standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for residential development.

Did you know...

Geophysics is a non-invasive method to investigate what is happening below the ground to improve the quality of knowledge of subsurface conditions at a site.

Did you know…

The new master planned community will feature 526 acres of parks and open space  adjacent to the Las Vegas Wash, the River Mountain Loop Trails and the Henderson Birding Preserve offering residents a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Did you know…

Familiar with Black Mountain Industrial Center and Valley Auto Mall? The developer of these popular spots in Henderson is the same for the 2,200-acre project – The LandWell Company -- known for quality, conservation and developments that complement the community.

Did you know...

Geologic cross-sections are diagrams in which geologic formations and other geologic information are shown in a vertical section.