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Environmental Maps


 Site Location - This PDF map shows the location of the site in relation to the surrounding area.

Soil Sample Location - This PDF map shows the locations of all the soil samples have been collected at the site.

3-D Sample Locations - This PDF map shows the locations of all the soil samples have been collected at the site in 3-D to show the depth of the samples.

Monitoring Wells - This PDF map shows the locations of the monitoring wells installed by BRC in 2004.

Paleochannels - This PDF map shows the locations of the paleochannels beneath the site.

Topography - This PDF map shows the current and future topography of the site.

Aerial Photo - This PDF map shows a current (summer 2006) aerial photograph of the site.

Did you know...

A geographic information system is a system for management, analysis, and display of geographic knowledge, which is represented through maps.

Did you know…

Approximately 400 acres of the 2,200 acres on the property require remediation and clean-up. There has never been any industrial activity on the remainder of the site, most of which has remained virgin desert.  The evaporation ponds are now inactive.  The soil underlying the ponds will be excavated and transported to a lined and monitored Corrective Action Management Unit(CAMU), off site.  No excavated soils will be disposed of on-site.

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The lead scientist in charge of the clean-up effort – Dr. Ranajit Sahu – is a certified environmental manager (CEM) in the state of Nevada, a quality environmental planner as defined by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP), and has been an adjunct professor at UCLA and USC.

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Familiar with Black Mountain Industrial Center and Valley Auto Mall? The developer of these popular spots in Henderson is the same for the 2,200-acre project – The LandWell Company -- known for quality, conservation and developments that complement the community.

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Geophysics is a non-invasive method to investigate what is happening below the ground to improve the quality of knowledge of subsurface conditions at a site.